Exploring the Possibilities of IoT with the ARDUINO MKR IoT Bundle

Product Review: ARDUINO MKR IoT Bundle - A Gateway to IoT Creativity The package includes everything needed to complete the five featured experiments.

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The ARDUINO MKR IoT Bundle is an excellent choice for beginners looking to dive into the exciting world of the Internet of Things (IoT). This comprehensive bundle equips users with all the necessary components to build five unique IoT projects. With step-by-step online tutorials available on the Arduino Project Hub platform, the MKR IoT Bundle offers an immersive learning experience, making it an ideal starting point for IoT enthusiasts and aspiring Makers.

One of the standout features of the MKR IoT Bundle is its user-friendly approach. The step-by-step online tutorials on the Arduino Project Hub platform guide users through each project, making the learning process accessible and enjoyable. Even if you have limited prior experience in electronics or programming, you can quickly grasp the concepts and build impressive IoT applications.

The MKR IoT Bundle centres around the powerful Arduino MKR1000 board, which combines the functionality of the Zero and the Wi-Fi Shield. This innovative board empowers Makers to integrate connectivity into their designs, even without extensive prior networking experience. The inclusion of a selection of commonly used electronic components further enhances the bundle’s value, allowing users to explore and experiment with various IoT applications.

The package includes everything needed to complete the five featured experiments: the “I Love You Pillow,” “Puzzle Box,” “Pavlov’s Cat,” “The Nerd,” and “Plant Communicator.” Each project introduces users to different aspects of IoT technology and provides valuable hands-on experience. The step-by-step tutorials on the Arduino Project Hub platform guide users through each experiment, ensuring a smooth learning process.

The components included in the MKR IoT Bundle are diverse and comprehensive, catering to a wide range of IoT project requirements. From various sensors like phototransistors, potentiometers, temperature sensors, and tilt sensors to actuators such as motors and servos, the bundle covers all the essential building blocks for creating innovative IoT applications. Additionally, the alphanumeric LCD, LEDs, and buttons offer ample options for user interaction and feedback.

Arduino MKR IoT Bundle

One notable feature of the Arduino MKR1000 board is its integration of the Atmel ATSAMW25 SoC, specifically designed for IoT projects and devices. This system-on-chip combines a SAMD21 Cortex-M0+ 32-bit low-power ARM MCU, a WINC1500 low-power 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module, and an ECC508 Crypto Authentication chip. This powerful combination provides users with a compact and efficient platform for developing IoT solutions.

The MKR1000 board also incorporates a Li-Po charging circuit, allowing users to power their projects with a battery or an external 5V source. This flexibility enables mobile and remote applications, expanding the possibilities of IoT development. The board’s compatibility with the Arduino Software (IDE) further simplifies the coding and programming process, enabling users to focus on their projects rather than struggling with complex development environments.

Safety and ease of use are paramount with the MKR1000 board. It operates at 3.3V, so it is essential to avoid applying voltages higher than 3.3V to prevent board damage. Proper level shifting is necessary when bidirectional communication with 5V devices is required. The board’s compact form factor, energy efficiency, and USB compatibility make it an ideal choice for battery-powered IoT projects.


The MKR IoT Bundle offers open-source hardware, allowing users to build their own boards using the provided design files. This aspect promotes customization and further exploration of IoT concepts beyond the initial bundle. Additionally, the bundle includes detailed documentation, including schematics and pinout information, facilitating a deeper understanding of the board’s capabilities and enabling advanced modifications and expansions.

In conclusion, the ARDUINO MKR IoT Bundle is a fantastic package for anyone eager to delve into the world of IoT. With its comprehensive components, step-by-step tutorials, and versatile Arduino MKR1000 board, the bundle provides an excellent platform for learning and creating exciting IoT projects. Whether you’re a hobbyist, student, or professional, this bundle offers a gateway to explore the endless possibilities of IoT connectivity and automation.

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