Business Challenges When Deploying IoT

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When considering the digital transformation process for your business you may be asking yourself a few questions on where to start. Depending on the size and scale of the business and what needs to be done, meticulous planning could take a few years before implementation. The main concerns when deploying IoT are: (this list is not exhaustive)

  • Security risks: Protecting endpoints is more important than ever because of the threat of spyware, data theft, and ransomware. Hackers can even lock doors or take remote control of a building’s energy and thermostats. Access control, endpoint and firewall protection, intrusion prevention, and detection systems must be as clever as possible. This can come in the form of network segmentation that enables illegal access blocking, real-time monitoring, and other security measures, as well as digital certificates and biometrics technologies that safeguard IoT devices at the door.
  • Interoperability: Communication between other platforms or services and IoT devices is becoming more and more crucial. Custom integration tools, such as APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for data synchronisation or SDKs (Software Development Kits), which can help combine numerous dissimilar systems into a single coherent solution, are an appropriate example. This could entail adding mobile credentials or other features to a third-party app, managing user access based on information in an external system, providing temperature and humidity readings to a building management system, or any scenario relevant to the security sector.

  • Connectivity: It is the foremost concern while connecting devices, applications, and cloud platforms. Connected devices that provide useful data are extremely valuable. But poor connectivity becomes a challenge where IoT sensors are required to monitor process data and supply information.
  • Compatibility: Although it may appear that IoT devices are doing straightforward and simple tasks, like counting how many times a door opens or streaming real time data to a traffic board. But in reality these processes entail a lot of intricate technology. Additionally, if they are supplying crucial data to another workflow or system, they may have a detrimental impact on all of its associated processes. Miscounting the number of “opens” at and entrance door is not a significant concern, but it may be disastrous if other data sets get confused and mixed up causing incorrect decisions/actions
  • Costs: IoT device deployment frequently requires significant time and financial investment. There are several devices that must be acquired and configured, as well as resource who must install them, more resources who must integrate them into the network, and support calls to the vendor. All these actions will have some form of cost to the business. At Siretta, We have all the solutions to help solve all your business challenges highlighted.
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