Dear Talking IoT Community – a message to you at 100 days

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Greetings! I hope this message finds you buzzing with the same IoT and AI excitement that brought us together on this incredible journey. As the creator behind Talking IoT, I’m here to celebrate our phenomenal first 100 days and extend my heartfelt thanks for your unwavering support.

Our mission at Talking IoT is laser-focused:

  • Empowering individuals and organizations to unleash the power of IoT and AI through knowledge sharing.
  • Offering a comprehensive hub that dives deep into all things IoT, driving innovation in this dynamic field.

Our website has been our powerhouse, packed with resources like articles, guides, and case studies, spanning IoT and AI landscapes. It’s our contributors, though, who’ve lit up our platform. Massive kudos to our corporate supporters like Siretta, Ostream, Farnell, WiTTRA, Nordic Semiconductor, BG Networks, OV, Bad Wolf Consulting, FloLive, EnOcean, Raltron, Thellio, LORIOT, IOSEA, StayLinked, Vision Intelligence, Idea Usher, and PTC Thingsworx. Hats off to individual contributors like Prince Odoi, Bill Montgomery, Harald Naumann, and Warwick Taws. You’ve been the wind beneath our wings.

But that’s not all! We’ve rolled out Talking IoT Sessions and our podcast, diving even deeper into the IoT and AI rabbit hole. We’re talking thought-provoking interviews with industry movers and shakers.

Accessibility is our thing! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, we’re all ears. Our mission is to make IoT and AI accessible to everyone. With Talking IoT Sessions, podcasts, and expert interviews, we’re democratizing knowledge. Our media partnerships with Napier Partnership and Elettronica Tech have cranked up the volume, giving us a larger voice in the IoT community.

If you’re as stoked about IoT and AI as we are, why not join the party? Become a contributor and be part of our community of experts and enthusiasts. Register here.

Finally, a massive shoutout to our readers and followers who’ve generated over 1 million social impressions. You’re the heartbeat of our community and your engagement rocks!

As we charge into the future, we’re excited about educating and inspiring the IoT and AI community. We’re committed to arming you with the knowledge and tools to ride the IoT and AI wave.

Got questions, feedback, or genius ideas? Reach out anytime. Our team’s got your back.

Here’s to more days of discovery, collaboration, and IoT and AI brilliance.


Steve Carr

Creator, Talking IoT

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