LoRaWAN and MIOTY: A Study on Packet Reception and Energy Consumption in the Industrial Internet of Things

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By: Ons ZERAI, Martin STRIEGEL, and Thomas KRONE

ifm electronic GmbH

June 2023

In this study, we delve into the realm of Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) communication protocols, particularly LoRaWAN and MIOTY. We aim to shed light on their performance in terms of both range and energy consumption. Our experiments were carried out on the premises of ifm Electronic GmbH, situated in Tettnang, Germany—a collaborative hub for research and manufacturing.

Our methodology involved deploying LoRaWAN and MIOTY devices at multiple locations across the campus. These devices transmit a predetermined number of data packets to a central gateway or base station (BS) positioned on the roof at a fixed location. Throughout the experiments, we meticulously recorded two critical metrics: packet loss and energy consumption.

To ensure the robust comparability of results between LoRaWAN and MIOTY, we employed precisely identical hardware for both sets of devices. Additionally, a shared gateway/base station and communication pathway to the cloud were used.

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