Ostream Long Distance Access Point – Seamless AI for Rich Media

OSTR-WF-COMBO-1 Wireless Camera Kit, Object camera, Access point, Long distance, Computer vision

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In a world where data is the new currency and AI is shaping the future, Ostream emerges as a true pioneer, bridging the gap between AI and rich media effortlessly. Ostream brings unrivalled expertise to the table, this dynamic company has set out to revolutionise the way we perceive and interact with data.

The Ostream Long Distance Access Point is a testament to innovation and practicality. Sporting a sleek and robust enclosure with an impressive IP67 rating, it ensures durability even in challenging environments. The wall-plug design that supports a range of 110V to 240V makes installation a breeze. The integration of a Rockchip RK3399 ARM processor and Ubuntu 18LTS provides a solid foundation for optimal performance.

Impressive Features:

Ostream’s Long Distance Access Point doesn’t just stop at its appealing design. It boasts features that truly make it stand out in the AI landscape. With support for up to 10 cameras and a remarkable distance range of up to 1km, it’s tailored for comprehensive coverage. The utilisation of the 2.4GHz spread spectrum further enhances its versatility.

Applications in Various Fields:

Ostream caters to diverse industries, addressing unique challenges and streamlining operations.

  • Retail: Empower retail environments with online marketing analytics, bringing the digital realm into your physical store.
  • Construction: Automatically document PPE compliance to mitigate liabilities and enhance worker safety.
  • Security: Monitor and meticulously document accidents for precise analysis and prevention strategies.
  • Public Safety: Safeguard our surroundings through proactive fire risk monitoring, ensuring timely intervention.

The Contextual Challenge:

Ostream understands that as the world generates massive volumes of video and audio data, the real challenge is to make sense of it. This is where Ostream excels. By marrying AI with rich media, Ostream provides context to data, turning it into actionable insights. The Long-Distance Access Point is a conduit for this transformation, enabling users to make informed decisions.


In a landscape where data is power and AI is the key, Ostream’s Long Distance Access Point is a game-changer. With an impressive array of features, seamless integration, and applications that span across industries, Ostream is leading the charge towards a more connected, informed, and intelligent world. By making AI for rich media deployment, integration, and operation affordable, Ostream is setting a new standard in the field. If you seek to harness the potential of data in a meaningful way, Ostream is the partner you’ve been waiting for.

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