Unveiling PipeRunner: Igniting Edge AI Applications with Unprecedented Power and Flexibility:

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Welcome to an exciting exploration of our cutting-edge artificial intelligence solution. Today, we take an immersive plunge into the world of PipeRunner, a revolutionary advancement in edge AI technology that promises to redefine the landscape of applications that leverage artificial intelligence on the edge. Strap in as we unveil the formidable capabilities of PipeRunner and its seamless integration with Physico, the mission control software for edge AI applications.

PipeRunner: Redefining Scalability and Performance at the Edge:

At the forefront of our edge AI product line stands PipeRunner – a true rocket ship propelling edge AI applications to unparalleled heights. Imagine a hardware system that seamlessly blends power and scalability, and you’re envisioning PipeRunner. It isn’t just a hardware system; it’s a transformational force that opens doors to new possibilities.

What sets PipeRunner apart is its remarkable scalability. Starting with an impressive 20 tera-operations per second (TOPS), PipeRunner’s capabilities ascend to astonishing heights, culminating in a staggering one quadrillion AI operations per second. This scalability ensures that whether you’re starting small or reaching for the stars, PipeRunner has you covered.

A Symphony of Integration: PipeRunner and Physico:

Central to PipeRunner’s dominance is its intricate integration with Physico, the mission control software engineered to orchestrate edge AI applications. Physico serves as the beating heart of the ecosystem, facilitating a range of crucial functions including application deployment, performance optimization, clustering, and failover management. In essence, it provides the scaffolding for pushing your application to its utmost potential.

Understanding the Architecture: Layers of Innovation:

The architecture powering this innovation is multifaceted and dynamic. Let’s dissect it layer by layer:

  1. Engine Layer: PipeRunner with NVIDIA Orin: The core of PipeRunner is graced by the inclusion of NVIDIA Orin, an AI powerhouse that propels the hardware to its formidable performance levels. This collaboration between PipeRunner and NVIDIA Orin lays the foundation for unparalleled computational capabilities.
  2. Software Empowerment: NVIDIA’s JetPack and DeepStream SDK, operating on Ubuntu, form the backbone of the software stack. This infusion of software prowess further enhances the capabilities of PipeRunner, making it a holistic solution for AI-powered applications.
  3. Mission Control Software: Physico: Physico takes the reins as the third layer, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and optimizing edge AI applications. It’s the control center that ensures every facet of your application operates seamlessly.
  4. The Payload: Edge AI Application: At the pinnacle of this architecture lies the edge AI application itself, crafted either by you or sourced from third-party providers. This application is the manifestation of your vision, and PipeRunner is designed to unleash its full potential.

Seamless Implementation: From Concept to Reality:

Bringing the vision to life involves a strategic sequence of steps:

  1. Installation: Deploy PipeRunner to the designated site, where it stands ready to process data from existing cameras.
  2. Physico Connection: The Physico software seamlessly connects to the PipeRunner system and is controlled remotely from the Physico hub. This connection ensures efficient coordination and management.
  3. Application Deployment: With your AI application loaded onto the Physico hub, it can be efficiently deployed to each PipeRunner node. This streamlined process eliminates complexities and accelerates application deployment.
  4. Scalable Management: The journey continues with the expansion to other sites. You have the autonomy to cluster these sites for failover protection. Moreover, the Physico hub empowers you with performance tuning, software updates, and stream source management – all accessible through an intuitive user interface.

A New Horizon for Edge AI Applications:

The culmination of these meticulously orchestrated steps results in an infrastructure that not only boasts exceptional AI processing power but also demonstrates unparalleled scalability and resiliency. PipeRunner is more than hardware; it’s a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and visionary innovation.

In conclusion, PipeRunner is your ticket to the future of edge AI applications. It’s a journey through layers of innovation, guided by Physico’s expert touch, and fuelled by your visionary edge AI applications. With scalability that spans from small beginnings to staggering heights, PipeRunner is the rocket ship that propels your AI endeavours beyond the imaginable. Step aboard and witness the future unfold, one AI operation at a time.

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