world’s first comprehensive comparison between LoRa / LoRaWAN and mioty in real-world settings and measurements

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📊 Overview: LoRa vs. mioty 📊 The Technical University of Ilmenau has carried out what I believe is the world’s first comprehensive comparison between #LoRa / #LoRaWAN and #mioty in real-world settings and measurements:

🌐 #LPWAN technologies are the forefront of connectivity – long-range, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Among private LPWAN options, LoRa and mioty are emerging contenders. This summary presents findings from the mioty comparative study, evaluating the performance of LoRa and mioty in various scenarios using both real-world data and theoretical analysis.

🔥Head-to-head Performance: In most aspects, mioty outperforms LoRa, except in the additive white Gaussian noise channel where both systems are comparable.

📦Capacity Leader: Mioty takes the lead with an impressive 44,000 packets per minute – a significant leap compared to LoRa’s capacity of only 600 packets, even at its highest robustness level.

🔥Interference & Range: Mioty remains immune to interference, while LoRa shows vulnerability. LoRa claims the range trophy in urban settings.

🚗Mobility: Mioty secures victory, supporting speeds exceeding 160 km/h. LoRa’s performance lags behind.

🔋Energy Efficiency: Mioty demonstrates remarkable efficiency, extending battery life threefold compared to LoRa.

🔍Conclusion: Mioty shines in this evaluation, yet there is still potential for enhancement. This summary forms the opening chapter of a multi-part series. Expect deeper insights and revelations to come. 📖

The study spans 72 pages, including approximately 40 pages of measurement series and test results.

Grab the study for an enlightening read:

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